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 2003 - Winner of 7th Award

상명 지학순주교정의평화상 수상회차 The 7th Award
수상일시 9. 12. 2003 수상장소 한국일보 송현클럽
수상자 Asian Center for the
Progress of Peoples
국가 Hong Kong
Introduction of prizewinner
We are happy to inform you that the ACPP (AsianCenter for the Progress of Peoples) based in Hong Kong has been selected as the 7th recipient of the Tji Hak-soon Justice & Peace Award.
The selection committee for the award recognized ACPP’s steadfast and longstanding international solidarity efforts in difficult situations, expressed mainly through the Hotline-Asia project which has been running for more than 20 years. Born in 1979, the ACPP started its main project Hotline Asia a year later and since then the organization and the project have assisted networking among Asian organizations addressing crucial issues concerning human rights in Asia.
After careful examination of the details from reliable sources, the Hot-line publishes urgent appeals and sends them to about 1,100 human rights organizations and individuals all over the world, asking them to respond to the appeals by writing to the relevant authorities in al given country.
Spreading information on a vast range of issues, for instance, the economic rights and livelihoods of tribal people effected by the Narmada Dam in India, and asylum seekers in Australia, it has helped to raise awareness and also facilitated in various situations in the Asia-pacific region. For example Hotline brought out many urgent appeals on the issue of Separate have helped the individuals accused of blasphemy in Pakistan.
As well as linking the peace and justice groups, ACPP has served the purpose of directing awareness among the minority Catholic communities in Asia to the social responsibility of the church and its organizations for more focused action to redeem societies of their sufferings. We especially thank all former and present board members and coordinators of ACPP who tried to mobilize international solidarity. This has been extremely difficult work in difficult situations across Asia.
We’d like to congratulate again ACPP and its Hotline Asia project, and do hope that this award will give hope and warm encouragement to all of you who are working in difficult situations

It is a great honor to accept this award for the Hotline Asia project,on behalf of the Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples. We would like to dedicate this award to all those who have given their lives in the service of justice and peace. Our efforts mobilize solidarity for those who are doing the much more difficult and dangerous human rights work at the local level. This award belongs to all of them.

We especially remember today: Navleen Kumar who was stabbed to death for her tribal land rights work in Mumbai, India Bishop John Joseph who sacrificed his life opposing the blasphemy laws in Pakistan and of course Bishop Tji Hak-soon whose conscience called him to publicly support the struggle for democracy in Korea, even if that meant going to jail.

Inspiration of the Hotline Asia Project

In 1979, justice and peace workers from across Asia gathered at a consultation convened by the Office for Human Development of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences. They sharedtheir experiences and struggles, and they identified a need for some kind of hotline mechanism to alert each other to cases of injustice that could be helped by international solidarity action. The Center for the Progress of Peoples (later to become the Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples) agreed to host such a mechanism, and in 1980 the Hotline Asia project was born.

Main Activities

The main activities of Hotline Asia are supporting and extending local and national justice and peace efforts by
-issuing Urgent Appeals on human rights matters that could be helped by international pressure
-building networks for communication and solidarity by acting as a clearing house for information, and through a quarterly Justice & Peace Workers' Bulletin and other publications
-creating deeper awareness of justice and peace issues through advocacy and education materials on human rights issues in Asia (available at www.acpp.org or by post on request)
-providing information about training opportunities and occasionally organizing skills training for justice and peace workers.

How We Work

Perhaps it is best to explain how we work through some examples. When land rights activist Navleen Kumar was murdered in Mumbai, India, Hotline Asia was alerted by our local contacts who collected and verified the facts of the case and provided background information to the Hong Kong office. An Urgent Appeal was issued asking recipients to write letters calling for a proper investigation into the murder. Navleen had received a number of threats from the builder and land mafia for her work with tribal people on the outskirts of Mumbai. Local police failed to take prompt action, and had even allowed evidence to be washed away in the June rains. Letters were sent from around the world, and the Urgent Appealwas used locally in India to disseminate information about the politician-builder mafia nexus. Many local NGOs came together to condemn the killing. Through regular updates on the situation sent to Urgent Appealrecipients, Hotline Asia has helped to keep up pressure for the conviction of the killers. We believe that the pressure generated by Hotline may have contributed to the decision to take the case out of the hands of local police, and give responsibility for the investigation to the Central Bureau of Investigation. The murder of Navleen was also highlighted in an Action Resource Kit that we prepared for the International Day for the commemoration of the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
Turning to Korea, our solidarity efforts have a long history. For example, in 1984 Fr Eugene Thalman and Peter Cheung Ka Hing visited Korea. They made a study on how church workers preached the Gospel in a national security environment. It was published under the title "Let Your Heart be Bold: A Study on Church and National Security in Korea". In more recent times, we issued a series of Urgent Appeals to support people working for the abolition of the National Security Law. We supported calls for the closure of the Koon-Ni bombing range. We also issued a Special Urgent Appeal following the appalling 'axis of evil' comments of President George W Bush, to support the action being taken
by the Korea Catholic Peace Network, and others. Friends around the world, including contacts in the United States of America, were invited to join the letter writing campaign initiated in South Korea.

How You Can Help

Hotline Asia provides practical ways for people across the region, and beyond, to express their solidarity with those who suffer injustices in Asia. You will find more information about how you can get involved on our website www.acpp.org and in the material available tonight. Please join us in supporting those who, like Bishop Tji Hak-soon, are working for justice, peace and human rights in their countries.


It is a humbling experience to stand before you to receive this award on behalf of all thosewhom Hotline seeks to serve, and all those who have contributed to the work of Hotline over the years. There are so many people that we would like to thank:
-The Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences' Office for Human Development
-All those individuals and organizations that provided financial and practical assistance to the project over the years
-Past and present Members of the ACPP Board of Directors
-All those who have provided expert advice to the project
-The justice and peace commissions who were partners in extension work programs
for Hotline Asia
-Past and present Hotline staff, volunteers and interns
-Those who trusted us enough with their pain and suffering to call on our solidarity.

Bishop Tji Hak-soon's action for human rights continues to inspire us, and we hope that our efforts will be worthy of this award made in his memory.

Sandie Cornish
Coordinator, Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples

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